Learn The AOM FRAMEWORK That I USE TO LAND High Paying Online Clients In 30 DAYS OR LESS!



Learn The AOM FRAMEWORK That I USE TO LAND High Paying Online Clients In 30 DAYS OR LESS!


Waking up at 5 AM and crawling into bed at 11 PM.

Riding my bike in the bitter UK cold to the gym at 5:30 AM.

Being chained to a physical location.

Trading my time for money.

That used to be my life.
I was a hungry personal trainer. Both in the physical and metaphorical sense.

And I was getting paid FAR less than I thought I was worth.

I had to hustle HARD to make ends meet.

That meant early mornings and late nights.

That meant poor sleep.

My passion for helping people achieve their body goals was quickly dwindling.
Then, by destiny or dumb luck, I heard an interview with a billionaire that flipped my whole perspective on attracting the right clients, tailoring my services to them, and packaging those services in a way that they were practically begging to pay me... 

Most importantly…

Hearing this interview sparked the development of the method that launched me to closing my FIRST high paying client within thirty days.

And many more after that.

This method helped me quickly transition from being chained to a location to training people online from ANYWHERE I wanted.

How to Earn Your First High-Paying Training Client (And Many More After That) In As Little As 30 Days

My name is Lewis Harrison.

I’m an internationally published fitness model. I’ve appeared on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine, Inside Fitness, Flex USA, and many more.

My brother and I have also amassed a huge social media following… Having followers in the tens of thousands on YouTube and Instagram.

Most importantly… We’ve been helping personal trainers escape from the low-ticket lifestyle and begin earning what they’re worth.
Many of them are surprised to learn that achieving this doesn’t require a huge social media following…

It doesn’t require some complex sales funnel…

And it doesn’t require a fancy website.

But I don’t blame them for thinking it does.

Because before the social media fame... Before I was on the covers of magazines.... Before I helped a single trainer unlock their freedom lifestyle…

I was just your average personal trainer.

Locked in the low-ticket lifestyle.

I had no following. No social media presence. And no real product.

As a result… 
I Made NO Real Money
I was trading my time for money.

And that meant I had to wake up at 5am on cold winter mornings and cycle to the gym in the rain to make it to my 6 AM session.

Sometimes the client would show up. A lot of times they wouldn’t.

And it’s not like I was in a financial position to DROP that client.

I had to take every client I could get my hands on.

And even with those early mornings and late nights, I was barely scraping by between paying $750 a month for gym rent and the rent for my small, one-bedroom apartment.

I knew I had to make more money.
The Billionaire Who
Changed Everything
One day, I was listening to an interview with Richard Branson.

He was talking about the value you need to place on yourself as an entrepreneur and more… a person.

Why work at a place if you know you can’t progress? If you know your monthly paycheck has hit its ceiling? If you know there’s no room for a promotion?

Do you really want to be in the same place 20 years from now as you are now?

His words sparked a wave of reflection.

I immediately began reflecting on my training techniques. My knowledge of nutrition. And the impact it was making on the lives of my clients.

The impact was real.

It was undeniably valuable.
The Billionaire Who
Changed Everything
So why wasn’t I getting paid like it?

That’s when a switch flipped in my brain.

It wasn’t the service I was providing that was inherently unprofitable, but the targeting.

The packaging.

The message.

I was just selling training.

Training to anyone and everyone.


THAT was the problem.

So I went to work fixing it...

The Simple Shift I Made Attracted High-Paying Clients to Me Like Bees to Honey

I was able to pump up my prices.

Work with people who valued me, my time, and my services.

Help people anywhere in the world FROM anywhere I wanted to be.

Break the chains to my physical location.

Create my OWN schedule.

And QUIT trading my time for money.

Most importantly…

I was earning what I was worth. 

And I did it with no fancy tools, social media following…


So, what’s the shift I made?

I Call It The AOM Framework

It consists of three steps:


The first step is all about getting crystal clear on who you can help.

Many trainers, like I used to, use a shotgun approach to get clients. They’ll offer their services to anyone and everyone, not knowing that they’re actually dulling the perception of their services.

People like specialists.

They like someone who’s committed their life to solving THEIR specific problem.

If you can position yourself this way, the floodgates to high-paying clients will open.


The next step is figuring out how you’re going to solve problems.

What services are you going to offer?

What expertise do you provide?

And it is going to earn you a big paycheck?


The final step may be the most important.

It makes the difference between those who slave away at the gym from 6AM to 10PM and those who can earn a full-time living training just a handful of high-paying clients… And those who can find more eager-to-pay clients at will and those who have to settle for bottom of the barrel clients.

This final step is all about throwing out the bait that the high-paying clients are going to bite.

Ready to Put The AOM Framework Into Action For Yourself

This is For You If:
  • You’re tired of trading time for money and want to earn money in your sleep
  • You feel like you’re not getting paid what you’re worth and want to change that
  • You want to make the transition online, but you’re worried that because you don’t have a following, you won’t be able to do it
  • You’re tired of being tied down to a physical location. You want to travel while earning a living
  • You want to rekindle your passion for helping people achieve their goals
  • You want to set yourself up for life doing what you love
  • You’re tired of training people who don’t take their fitness seriously, ignore your advice, and waste your time
  • You want to be in command of your own schedule
  • You don’t want to be in the same place you are 10 years from now


The 5-Day High Ticket Client Challenge

This 5-Day Challenge shows you how to develop your AOM Framework… Then use that framework to attract high-paying, premium clients that will pay you thousands each month for your services.

You’ll have the means to unlock freedom, travel the world while earning a handsome living, and create a business that allows you to find new eager-to-pay clients at will. 

You don’t need a social media following to pull this off… In fact, it’s better if you don’t have one.

You don’t need a complex sales funnel.

You don’t even need YEARS of experience training people.

Everything you need to attract high-ticket clients is inside of this 5-Day Challenge.

Each day of the challenge, you’ll be given a new task that will serve as a building blocks for your new high-ticket coaching business.

Here’s What People Are Saying About the 5-Day High Ticket Client Challenge

Join The High Ticket Client Challenge For Just 27 Bucks Today

No, that’s not a typo.

For just 27 bucks, you can gain access to the 5-Day Challenge that’s granting freedom to personal trainers all over the world.

Allowing them to attract high-paying clients who pay them what they’re worth.

And reigniting their passion for helping people again.

Why so cheap?
Because I remember the chill in my bones as I rode my bike to the gym at 5AM, only for my client to not show up. I remember what it was like to fight with other trainers over bottom of the barrel clients. I remember what it was like to feel like I had no control over my situation.

And I don’t want anyone else to feel like that HAS to be their life.

That’s why I’ve created this challenge in a way that gives you a high chance of success in finding your first high-ticket client.

And just think.

All it takes is one new client to cover the cost of this challenge.

And I wouldn’t even call it a cost… I would call it an investment.

Because when you join this challenge, you’re getting the know-how you need to attract unlimited high-paying clients. 
Clients who are eager to pay you 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, even 5,000 a month.
They’ll hand you their money with a smile on their face.

And you’ll uncover how to attract these types of clients on command.

Imagine that.

How great it will feel that no matter what comes your way, you’ll have the means to earn a couple thousand a month. 

You’re totally self-sufficient.

And designing a lifestyle others are jealous of, client 'byclient'.

It starts with the 5-Day Challenge.

Are you up for it?

Plus, You’re Backed By My Ironclad 30-Day ROI Satisfaction Warranty

Like I said above, it only takes you landing one client to cover the cost of this challenge.

And I’m committed to helping you land that client as quickly as possible.

That said, if you follow the 5-Day Challenge exactly as it’s laid out, you should have no problem landing your first high-paying client (and more after that initial client). Other personal trainers have achieved the same with this challenge.
And I expect you’ll be no different.

That said, if you’re part of the .0001% of people who can’t land a high-paying client within 30 days of investing in this challenge… Shoot me a message at *EMAIL* and I’ll refund your money with a smile.

But, that’s unlikely.

Extremely unlikely.

Because hundreds of personal trainers have used the info in the 5-Day Challenge to land high-paying clients.

And as long as you can follow instructions, I’m nearly 100% certain you’ll be able to do the same.

The Longer You Wait, The Lower Your Chances of Success

The more you’ll rationalize why it’s okay to be in your situation.

The more your bad habits will cement themselves, and keep you STUCK exactly where you are.

Training clients who waste your time. Ignore your advice. And don’t show up.

Waking up early. Crawling into bed late. Missing sleep.
For what?

Barely enough to scrape by?

And what’s stopping you?

The only thing that’s stopping you is you.

It might be uncertainty.

It could be a lack of faith in your ability to make it happen.

But really… 

Your abilities aren’t a factor in your success with the 5-Day Challenge.

The success is in the AOM Framework.
And I’m going to look over your shoulder, day by day, and ensure you’re dialing in every step necessary to win your first high-ticket client… And many more after that.

Your uncertainty isn’t a factor.

Lack of faith doesn’t matter.

The success is in the system.

And this system can take you places you can’t even imagine right now.

You in?